Go out and travel


“The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.”

Richard Burton

It is with you in mind that we have made a selection of the most beautiful destinations. Bold, unusual, spectacular, all of them will move you, surprise you and amaze you…

Nature lover, in search of thrills?  Come and discover Finnish Lapland in the north of the Arctic circle, its vast white plains, and its deep forests in the heart of the winter night. Cross country skiing, dog sledding, fishing in frozen lakes, hot saunas, Christmas lights and gourmet breaks… Your dreams of the Far North will come true in this country of contrasts and extremes.

In search of authenticity? Discover the charms of Guatemala, land of history and legends… It is the birthplace of the extraordinary Maya culture, which has given the country the most fantastic archeological sites.

This year, Tokyo fans will be able to make a short connected stay in Japan.  Don’t hang around, come and discover the Land of the Rising Sun!

Venice has the power of amazing us each time we return there. The Serenissima is a city born from and turned towards the sea – what better way of visiting than by taking a cruise!

Fall under the spell of Eire and its diversity.  From east to west, you will be fascinated by the wild beauty of the counties of Kerry and Connemara and by the charms of Dublin and Kilkenny.

France will also be a guest of honour, with the discovery in September of the Aveyron and its magnificent gorges.  The destination for the subsidised trip will be revealed in December – please therefore be patient!