Fancy a stroll with our Issy Greeters?

A volunteer ambassador of the town organises unique and free walks around the town. In groups of 6 people maximum, he will show you around his part of the town, share his good addresses and anecdotes, treating you like one of his friends.

Tempted by a Greeters walk?

Information you need to plan your walk:

  • There are no fixed dates.  Walks are planned spontaneously, so you should indicate when you are free, if possible giving 2 or 3 dates and times.
  • Greeters Walks are free as they are not sightseeing tours, and the Greeters are volunteers.
  •  Should you need to cancel, please do so at least 3 days before the planned date, by telephone or email.




Josette SAUVAGETclose

To understand how this island neigboorhood have been changed, Josette met some unhabitants, read a lot and finally took an avid interest for the story of this singular island. Join her on this unknown past and find the new face of the “Ile St Germain”.

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Eric Cabessa


Eric Cabessaclose

An original walking trail, called « Media-tour ».  A walk around the impressive headquarters of various televisions channels: Arte/France 5, Groupe Canal Plus, Eurosport, etc. and just beyond the outskirts of the town, the headquarters of TF1, France Télévision, BFM, including a walk along the banks of the Seine.  The walk starts at Issy Val de Seine and continues towards the Seine quayside ending in front of BFM at the Porte de Versailles, alternating with a discovery walk of the district of Fort d’Issy.

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Patrick Chin


Patrick Chinclose

A wander through the vineyards of Issy.  Patrick is passionate about wine and gastronomy and is a great master of the Confrérie de Saint Vincent d’Issy.  He will take you along trails of the town’s wine growing past and present and its traditions.

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Christian Issanchou


Christian Issanchouclose

A hike along the paths of Issy.  Christian will take you from the île Saint-Germain to the Town Hall, passing through the porte Gévelot, the Montquartiers chalk quarries, the Henri Barbusse park, the Saint-Etienne church, the Séminaire… he is a mine of knowledge of the town !

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Colette Lambert


Colette Lambertclose

An alternative walk to discover Issy-les-Moulineaux.  If you like walking around and discovering hidden parts of your town, Colette will help you discover parts of Issy far from the city centre.  She will share with you her favourite places, restaurants and various faces of the town!

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Kaoru Tsuzawa


Kaoru Tsuzawaclose

An unusual walk around the île Saint Germain.  Kaoru was born in Tokyo and is a fine arts graduate.  He is a painter and engraver.  He will be delighted to show you around his workshop and the île Saint-Germain, from an artistic point of view.   (French, Japanese)

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